el ganeden d'esmareldas

the garden of emeralds

Atolia, California

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Silos in Atolia. The roofs of the buildings left can be seen in the distance.

Atolia was a mining town that began in 1905 and lies within the Mojave Desert. It was named for the mining company officials, Atkins and Degolia. The workers of the town mined for tungsten, and at one point, Atolia had a population of over 2000. Atolia once had many buildings, such as a dairy, a movie theatre, a saloon (called ‘Bucket of Blood’), a drug store, a hotel, ice cream shop, newspaper, and school among many others. In 1916, the original town burnt down but was rebuilt to what it is known, with all the features above. Although Atolia really began to lose population in 1919 due to wage strikes, mining activity has been present as recent as 2007.


Atolia, 1908


Atolia, 1915


Atolia, date unknown

Postcard view of Atolia, Ca. From the collection of Mark Landis.

Atolia, date unknown


Atolia burns, 1916


Atolia, 1916

35 18′49.65″N 117 36′29.46″W


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