el ganeden d'esmareldas

the garden of emeralds

Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England

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The first settlement of Alderley Edge as a village is unknown, though it is estimated the land has been lived since the Bronze Ages. Alderley Edge is first mentioned as a town in the 13th century, called ‘Chorlegh’ and later ‘Chorley’. The name Alderley is thought to come from either the words Aldred and leah, which means ‘Aldred’s clearing’ or Alðrȳðelēah meaning ‘Alðrȳð’s clearing’. In the Middle Ages all the way into the 20th century, Alderley Edge prospered mainly off agriculture, though mining was also present in the area. Alongside this, Alderley Edge was and is still today populous due to its railroad and many landmarks. Alderley Edge has a popular legend called ‘Wizard of the Edge’ in which a farmer sells his horse to a wizard and follows the wizard into a cavern through large gates, seeing many warriors sleeping with their horses. The wizard tells the farmer that, should England come to any danger, the warriors would awake and protect it. The farmer departs, and returns the next day to find the cavern and gates gone. Alderley Edge has around 4,000 residents today.

53.303°N 2.236°W



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