el ganeden d'esmareldas

the garden of emeralds

Move finished!

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As of now, all (except one due to information pending) posts on the old blog have been moved over to this one. From here forward, locations will be posted randomly and in no specific order and will start to be outside of the US and Canada.

We’re still working on the portal, the original goal being dropdown or scroll menus, though this seems to be not possible without a premium membership. If you have details on how to do more complex html coding on wordpress without a premium membership (I’ve attempted to download the desktop app, setup didn’t work so well so that’s out for now) let me know! Along with this, I was planning to add translations of this blog into Spanish and possibly Italian, though as of now, that’s not possible.

No more new posts will be posted on the tumblr blog, and all new posts and locations will be here! Thanks!

x Eli


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