el ganeden d'esmareldas

the garden of emeralds


Ciao! I’m Eli (Eli is pronounced ‘ay-lee’). I’ve always liked history and old things as well as architecture, however, I can’t drive or travel often so I guess I started doing…. whatever this is. I never thought abandoned places were sad, just very beautiful; humans once lived there and now nature is.

But anyways, I wanted a nice place to look at my photos so… here they are. If you know of any history of the places I’ve been to that I’ve left out, feel free to message me! Also message me if there’s any place in particular you want me to do, and I’ll be sure to do that next and have it up, unless for the reasons in my FAQ.

All images (except the historical ones) belong to Google (please don’t sue me, I’m still in high school)




entrar galerya