el ganeden d'esmareldas

the garden of emeralds

Off the map

These are places I’ve tried to do, however, they had no coverage on Google Earth (or had images so old you couldn’t tell what anything was). I’ll try another programme like Google Earth, and also keep checking back, but here’s a list to let you know the situation, and also if you’re interested in visiting any of these places.

  • Alemanía, Salta, Argentina (partially photographed)
  • Almira, Washington, US
  • Astoria, Oregon, US
  • Bois Blanc Island, Ontario, Canada (Bolbo Amusement Park)
  • Brooksby, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Burnside, Michigan, US
  • Cape Romano, Florida, US (those dome houses)
  • Chapman, Kentucky, US
  • Elkmont, Tennessee, US (Great Smokey Mts National Park, Elkmont Historic District)
  • Fleischmanns, New York, US
  • Fredricksburgh, Virginia, US (Sherwood Forest Rennasainse Faire)
  • Ft Ord, California, US
  • Garni, Kotayk, Armenia
  • Geghard, Kotayk, Armenia (Geghard Monastery)
  • Grytviken, South Georgia, Antarctica
  • Gyumri, Shirak, Armenia
  • Ilha dos Tigres, Namibe, Angola
  • Layland, West Virginia, US
  • Lithia Springs, Georgia, US (Sweetwater Creek State Park)
  • Louisburg, Minnesota
  • Lucille, Oklahoma
  • Mary Kathleen, Queensland, Australia (Mining settlement)
  • Mundare, Alberta, Canada
  • Newburgh, New York, US (Bannerman’s Castle)
  • Novi Cidade de Kilamba, Luanda, Angola
  • Pawhuska, Oklahoma, US (Bird Creek School)
  • Ruby, Arizona, US
  • Stromness, South Georgia, Antarctica
  • Sudlerville, Maryland, US
  • Val-Jalbert, Quebec, Canada
  • Vermillion, Ohio, US
  • Villa Epecuén, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • West Bend, Saskatchewan, Canada